Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Babywearing :)

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Babywearing...it's what I do!! This is me a la my folk birds Tula from PAXbaby.com with baby #3 Gabrilla!! She LOVES her Tula!
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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

David had surgery - Part 2

Finally the big day arrived! We waited 5 1/2 years for this day, and all of a sudden it was here.

It took me 3 weeks to get ready for this day.
I had Hannah sleeping over at my Mom's (Nana), with Auntie Kim and Grandma as my backups. 
I packed three bags to take with us to the hospital. 1 for Gaby, diapers, toys, 6 changes of clothes (just in case) and we used three of those. 2 for David. Change of clothes, a pair of jammies, books, stickers, games. And 3 food. We would be waiting a long time.

We woke up very early on Thursday morning, and traveled to the Victoria General Hospital for check in at 8 30. His surgery was scheduled for 10. He was given a white wrist band with all his info on it, and a Sponge Bob sticker. He thought that was pretty cool.

We took the elevator up to level 3 and walked over to the pediatric "day care" they called it. The nurse, Andrea, did a quick once over on David. Temperature, blood pressure and she weighed him. They also put numbing goop on his left hand for if they needed to use an IV (which they did).

We were then seated in front of an educational video on the process of surgery, getting ready etc. It was made for kids and very good - even though David didn't watch it. He coloured instead.

Then, all of a sudden one of the nurses ran in telling us to quickly get ready as the people before us didn't show up, so we were bumped up a spot! How great :) We put David into his hospital gown, and James got to sport a pair of surgical scrubs.

Dave in his hospital gown. Look how cute he is!

We were then given a room and a bed to wait in. There were games and some toys and a TV with lots of movies. David and James played battle ship while we waited. We were then taken down the hall, Dave got to ride on the bed. There was a small little waiting room, just big enough for the hospital bed and a bench outside where he would be taken for his surgery. We were able to wait with him the whole time. The anesthesiologist came to speak with us. He was great. He gave Dave the gas mask he would be using to put him to sleep. We had been telling him all about the space mask, and it worked out great! The anesthesiologist called it the same thing, and Dave got to play with it while he waited for his turn. I remember being a kid and being so afraid of that gas mask. And here he was, playing with his space mask, and then they would take his toy to put him to sleep. So easy. The Dr came in next to talk about the process. And that was just fine.

I have to say that in 20 years, the improvements to the pediatric surgery process have been phenomenal. James and I were both very impressed.

One parent was even able to go in with him. We had decided previously that it would be James. Between James and myself we had discussed that James would be the best to go in. David calms down better for him than for me. We also gave Dave the choice that day (knowing who he'd pick!) and of course, Daddy was it. So James, in his cute scrubs, got to go in and hold our little dude's hand while he was put to sleep. So great.

And then we waited...

This is Gaby while we waited. All the other parents in the waiting room were thrilled to see her sleeping on my back. This is the way to nap for sure! 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

David had surgery - Part 1

David had surgery!

Let me start at the begining.

When David was about 3 days old, we noticed that his right eye had a patch of white bleeding into the cornea (the coloured part). To say the least, I was scared. I remember the feeling of panic as it set in deep within my chest.

Here David is about 4 or 5 months old, but you can clearly see the white patch on his eye.

We rushed him to the doctor, who had no answers. We were referred to a Pediatric Ophthalmologist, Dr Pegado. We first met with him when David was 2 weeks old. He took a look and told us not to worry. That it was just skin and nothing more than cosmetic. It did not cover his pupil and there for did not limit his vision. We would have to watch it closely as he grew to make sure it continued to be superficial. We also knew then that at some point in the future he would most likely have a surgery to remove it.

You can see it clearly here. This was taken approx 1 month ago

Well we headed back into the Ophthalmologist in October for our yearly check up. We knew that this time around we would be talking about a potential surgery. David was old enough, and with school right around the corner, it was definatly going to be up for discussion. James and I decided that if the growth had not changed, and was not causing any problem, we would leave it as it was. The risk of possible blindness or weakening of his eye seemed to great for us to make this decision for him. If it was purely for cosmetic reasons we wanted him to have the say as he became of an age where he could choose for himself. However, the growth had changed. It had grown larger, and had sprouted hairs. It was obvious that it was time to do some thing about it....

Friday, July 20, 2012

12 am

12 am and I'm still awake. It's been a crazy week. And tomorrow is Hannah's birthday party.

It's so quiet once everyone is asleep. It makes my thoughts seem a little louder, and right now that's not something I want.

I'm worried. About a lot of things. There's too much floating today. Hannah's party tomorrow, I'm worried it won't go well. I'm worried it will rain. I'm worried the food won't get done. I'm worried the food won't be any good!

David's surgery is on Thursday. Not even a next. This coming Thursday. My stomach twists just trying to think of it.

And that doesn't even touch the frosted tip of this berg.

When it rains it pours.  That makes me think of monsoons. Monsoon by definition is  a "seasonal reversing wind accompanied by changes in precipitation"1. My family has definatly felt the effects of that reversing wind, it howls against us as we struggle on and on. And all through it "the rains keep a tumbling down"2.

1 Wikipedia, the free encylopedia. Monsoon
2 Children’s Songbook of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints "The Wise Man and the Foolish Man"

Saturday, June 9, 2012


How are you spending your Saturday?

I'm sitting here by the window, enjoying the sun, and watching Hannah play.

On Saturdays, after lunch, we go hiking.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Attachment Parenting

It's 2:30. I just put Gaby down for her afternoon nap. She's great at napping, usually. But today, she won't stay down. She's fussing, she wants me. I've left her sleeping on our bed today. She has a crib, which we use, sometimes. But she likes our bed best, so today she's there. I have laundry piling, dishes to wash, floors to scrub, and I can hear my 5 year old dumping out a bucket of cars from the bottom of the stairs.

And then Gaby cries.

I close the dishwasher, half emptied and sigh at the dishes staring at me. I go to her. She's red faced. her tiny hands balled into flailing fists. She's wearing a green shirt with pink lettering and flowers on it. It looks great on her. I smile at how cute she looks. That sweet face, scrunched and squalling. 

I pick her up, cooing at her. "It's OK Gaby it's OK." I say over and over again. I sing a little song "Gabriella Grace, she has the cutest face. Little Gabriella Grace." She likes it, no matter how bad the lyrics are. I carry her down stairs. My big kids, Hannah and David are out in the yard. I could use their help, but they're too absorbed in their game to come in. They don't even hear me call.

Frustrated I put Gaby in her chair. Some days it works, some days it doesn't. She doesn't like to be alone. She'll stay there if David sits with her, or if Hannah comes and holds her hand or a toy for her to grab. But not on her own. She fusses again. "heh aheh aheh".

I have to at least sweep the floor before I sit. I have to do something. The hall way from the front door is full of shoes the kids pulled from the closet, car seats James left the night before. There's wood chips from the play ground on my mat, a pile of laundry at the foot of the stairs and a drive through cup on the hall table. The front door is open. Our mess visible for all to see.

I grab my sling. It's a wrap, navy blue and long. I've had it since David was only weeks old. It's familiar, and comfortable, the fabric soft in my hands. Gaby is still calling. I walk towards her. She's looking at me. Her arms are out, she reaching for me. "Pick me up!" I know that's what she means.

She sees the sling in my hands, and stops fussing. She keeps her arms out for me. I start to wrap the fabric around my body. Quick and expertly like only hours and use of practice can bring. Over my shoulders, around my middle. I slow to double the long fabric back around to my front. She's irritaed at me, I'm not moving fast enough. And she tells me so. I tie the knot, once, twice. It's tight.

Then I lift her from her seat, my hands holding her under her waiting arms. She grins at me. This is what she wanted. I hold her tight against me as I lift her to my shoulder, slipping one chubby leg through the sling, spreading the fabric across her back and bum. Then the other. She sighs, content as her weight settles against me. I kiss her downy hair as I raise the middle rail of fabric around her.

This has taken me no more than a few minutes. I grab my broom, red with a black handle. David and his friend run through the front door to the trampoline out back. I sweep. The shoes are tossed away, not neatly, but then I close the cupboard and I can't see the imperfection. I put my diaper bag away, lift the pile of laundry upstairs, and tie up the full garbage under the sink.

Gaby is still with me. I hug her tight to me for a moment, my solid arms wrapping around the cloth holding her to me. I let go, and she is still there, tight against me. I kiss her head again. It is soft against my lips. Her warmth seeps into me, her smell calming me.

And then we move on, together.

We have practiced attachment parenting since David was hours old and it broke my heart to put him in the cot beside my hospital bed. Our children have stayed with us, in our bed, in our arms. We encourage independence, but have never hesitated to be there with them. I've always insisted on putting them in their own bed at least to fall asleep and until their first feeding. Sometimes this can be 12 hours, sometimes 5 minutes. It's all on them, completely child led. Dr. Sears says that how  you sleep should be based on what works best for you and your baby ie your family. Our 5 year old still crawls into bed with us, and we don't kick him out when he needs us. Our three year old comes in every morning needing snuggles before Daddy heads to work. She's more independent and likes her own bed to stretch out in while she sleeps. Our 4 month old has been our best sleeper yet. Some nights I bring her in with me just because I miss her. She hasn't asked for me, or needed me. I needed her.

I had asked someone about Gabys sleeping, someone I considered and "expert". I told her she slept beautifully in her own bed, hardly needing me for her sleep. She told me I was wrong and placed a great deal of anxiety in me. I then asked someone else who in my opinion is an "expert". She laughed and said if she's happy then you should be too. She told me Gaby's independent sleeping was a blessing and not to worry, she'd let me know when she wanted and needed me. Which was true. Dr Sears says the same thing.

It's my philosophy to be there for my baby when she wants me. To do for her what she needs, when she needs it. To encourage her independence, but to have her know, above all else, that I love her, and want her, need her, and will be there always.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lizzy Anne

The sneak peak of our family photos was just uploaded!

Check out Lizzy Anne's blog here to see them.

I am amazed by this woman. Her photos are amazing, she quilts (who does that? and well? her.), she has great style, and a spunky sweet personality. I am so happy that I had the privilege of meeting her! And seeing her in action. My kids are hard kids on the best of days. Photographing them is even harder, especially when Hannah is in her diva mood. Which she was. Liz did everything she could to get them to cooperate, including this super awesome froggy hop that still has me chuckling.

Elizabeth Cranmer you rocked it!

I can't wait for her to come back and visit, and bring that gorgeous family of hers. I can't wait to meet them all!!!

PS let's be friends? we are friends! 

These are my faves from the sneak peak. My wall hangers and card senders.

So far this one is my favorite. I can't wait for it to be up on our wall.

My handsome husband. I love those baby blues!

look at this guy! I love that face and his sweet personality. Liz got him! I have not yet had success in getting this kid and she did it. 

Liz I will forgive you for me looking pregnant. It's not your fault. I blame Gaby. I still love it. When it's up on my wall I will pretend that I was prego. lol

look at my baby!

this is my Hannah. I love her.

This one is amazing! I love it so so much. It will be on my wall, and probably my Christmas cards too.

Don't forget to visit Elizabeths web site Lizzy Anne Photography and her Blog